New Jersey Is Now Home to Daniel, the Unkillable Miracle Dog


Daniel, a twenty-pound beagle, was but one of eighteen dogs sent to the gas chamber on October 3 at the Animal Control Department in Florence, Alabama. The door closed and carbon monoxide was pumped in. When the door was opened again, all of the dogs were dead — except Daniel, who was wagging his tail like nothing happened. It’s possible he was able to raise his head above the carbon monoxide, which is heavier than air. It’s also possible that he is an immortal vampire dog who will live until the end of time. We may never know. Either way, thanks to an organization known as Eleventh Hour Rescue, Daniel now has a new home in New Jersey. We know, we know, but it’s better than the gas chamber.

Daniel The Beagle, Rescued From Alabama Gas Chamber, Finds New Life In New Jersey [CBS NY]