Herman Cain Can’t Decide Whether He’s Actually Joking About an Electric Border Fence


Shortly after he proclaimed on Saturday that, as president, he’d build an electrified border fence and hang a sign on it that reads, “It Will Kill You — Warning,” Herman Cain began insisting that he was simply joking. “That’s not a serious plan,” he told Meet the Press host David Gregory on Sunday. “That’s a joke. I’ve also said America needs to get a sense of humor. That was a joke, okay?”

This exact conversation also took place a couple of months ago, although nobody cared as much back then about Herman Cain or the features of his ideal border fence, because Herman Cain was blissfully irrelevant. At the August 11 Fox News debate in Iowa, Cain was asked whether he was serious about suggesting a “twenty foot wall” with “barbed wire” that is “electrified on the top.” Cain responded similarly then: “America’s got to learn how to take a joke.”

Yesterday, in an appearance with notorious Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Cain once again, for the hundredth time, emphasized to all us humorless imbeciles that he was just joking. As the Phoenix New Times reports:

Okay! We get it. It was a joke. It was a misunderstanding. Glad we cleared that up, finally.

So, wait … it’s … not a joke?

Until recently, Herman Cain didn’t know what the right of return is. He may or may not know what a neoconservative is. He definitely doesn’t know who the president of Uzbekistan is. Now we’re wondering if he knows what a joke is.

Herman Cain Was Joking About Electrified Border Fence…Err, He Might Be Serious…Err, He Doesn’t Want to Offend Anyone [Phoenix New Times]