SimCity Had the 9-9-9 Tax Plan First


As reporters have dug deeper and deeper into the origins of Herman Cain's implausibly successful 9-9-9 plan, they have found some disturbing things.

[T]here's already a 999 plan out there, in a land called SimCity.

Long before Cain was running for president and getting attention for his 999 plan, the residents of SimCity 4 -- which was released in 2003 -- were living under a system where the default tax rate was 9 percent for commercial taxes, 9 percent for industrial taxes and 9 percent for residential taxes.

Is it really possible that the tax plan crafted by Cain and/or his one random advisor was actually inspired by a video game? Yes! This is a man who repeatedly quoted lyrics from Pokemon: The Movie 2000. Don't be surprised if next week he proposes legislation to protect newspaper delivery boys from assault by breakdancers.

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