Judge Threatens to Send Lindsay Lohan to Jail Again


Lindsay Lohan was back in court on Wednesday for a chat with her old pal Judge Stephanie Sautner, who admonished her for, once again, violating the terms of her parole. Apparently, the actress has “just blown off” the majority of the 360 community service hours she was ordered to perform at L.A.’s Downtown Women’s Center, which aids homeless women. Sautner ultimately decided to revoke the probation, and Lohan was led away in handcuffs. However, after less than an hour, she posted $100,000 in bail and was allowed to go home.

She’s set to appear again on November 2, which is when the court will decide whether or not to take her into custody again. Either way, Lohan’s unlikely to ever spend significant time behind bars, as her previous sentences have all been severely shortened due to overcrowding. “If jail meant something in the state of California now, maybe I’d put her in jail,” said the exasperated-sounding Sautner. In a desperate attempt to teach the actress some kind of lesson, the judge strongly suggested she prove her commitment to following the rules by completing at least sixteen hours of community service at a county morgue before the next hearing.

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