Louisiana Elects Bobby Jindal to Second Term


Yesterday, Louisianans went to the polls and reelected Bobby Jindal to a second term as governor, with an almost 40-point margin over his closest opponent. Jindal has largely been absent from the national stage since his botched Republican response to the State of the Union in 2009, but this solid win and his endorsement of fellow governor Rick Perry last month will surely resurrect vice-presidential chatter. After all, Jindal was seriously, if momentarily, considered for McCain’s VP slot in 2008, and in 2010 on Meet the Press he did quibble that, “I’m not gonna turn down something that’s not been offered to me.” That said, days after his Perry endorsement, speaking on Fox News, Jindal did say he wasn’t interested in “a job from Governor Perry.” But in a cycle where several presidential candidates have already hemmed and hawed their way through months of speculation, there’s no reason the vice-presidential race, once it kicks off, should be any different.

Jindal Easily Wins 2nd Term As Governor [CNN]