Man Believes He Stopped Cabs From Honking So Much


For some reason, people are entertaining the idea that taxi drivers are going to stop honking so much just because of a single reminder from the Taxi and Limousine Commission that noise pollution can result in a $350 fine. The fantasy is even getting a pretty face to represent it, with TLC Commissioner David Yassky citing one e-mail from a concerned citizen as the reason he’s finally (supposedly) laying down the law on horn-use. Meet Nat Klipper, a Soho-dwelling charitable endowment manager, who wrote that taxis were interrupting his sleep. “It pains my soul to hear these guys leaning on their horns,” he tells the Post today. And while he acknowledges it might not last, he’s doing the TLC a solid by vouching for them, while simultaneously ignoring reality: “I actually do notice a difference,” he says. “Maybe I’m imagining it.” Just maybe.

The man who silenced the Big Apple [NYT]