Michele Bachmann Flees Liberal Arts Students


With her campaign looking less and less robust by the day, Michele Bachmann did not do much to reassure her supporters on Tuesday. The congresswoman was scheduled to give a fund-raising speech in the hayloft of an Iowa pumpkin farm, but she abruptly canceled the talk when a few dozen local Campus Democrats showed up to wave signs (“John Wayne Quincy Adams — Our Greatest Forefather”) and maybe ask her some show-offy questions. “We really weren’t hoping to heckle her or anything,” insisted one Grinnell College student. With what sounds like some degree of earnestness, another explained: “I would’ve liked to hear her and hear her rationale for what she believes and why she deserves my vote, because it’s my first time to vote.” In comments to the press — who had previously been encouraged to inform the community of her appearance — Bachmann said she’d decided against speaking because, “This was never intended to be a big public event.” [Des Moines Register via Politico]