Mitt Romney Decides to Be Less Romney-ish About Ohio Union Law


It took a full day for him to respond, for some reason, but Mitt Romney has finally clarified that he does, in fact, back the anti-union law passed by Ohio governor John Kasich and the Ohio legislature earlier this year. “I’m sorry if I created any confusion in that regard,” he said today, referring to what seemed like a particularly odd dodge on the issue yesterday. “I fully support Gov. Kasich’s — I think it’s called Question 2. I fully support that.” The reason he initially refused to declare his support? “What I was referring to is I know there are other ballot questions there in Ohio and I wasn’t taking a position on those,” Romney explained. And for good reason! One of those “other ballot questions” is a referendum to ban health-insurance mandates. There’s no position Romney can take on that measure which wouldn’t be extremely awkward for him to explain.

Mitt: Actually, I do support Ohio law [Politico]