Muammar Qaddafi Tried to Get Condoleezza Rice Into His Tent


The Daily Beast just so happened to have an exclusive book excerpt from Condoleezza Rice’s forthcoming memoir all teed up in time for Muammar Qaddafi’s death, in which she remembers meeting the dictator, who was a huge, longtime fan of the woman he called his “darling black African woman.” Rice delicately refers to it as a “slightly eerie fascination.” Anyway, it seems the dictator wasn’t about to let the opportunity to get his crush alone escape him.

The arrangements were not easy, with all manner of Libyan demands, including that I meet the leader in his tent,” she writes. “Needless to say, I declined the invitation and met him in his formal residence.”

But later, she softened her stance.

Puzzled relief: exactly the reaction he was hoping for, I’m sure.

When Condi Met Gaddafi [Daily Beast]