New Research Says Obama Has Been Getting a Lot of Bad Press Lately


His coverage has been substantially more negative in every one of the last 23 weeks of the last five months — even the week that Bin Laden was killed,” Tom Rosenstiel, director of the Project for Excellence in Journalism, said of the president’s treatment in the media compared with that of the GOP field.

Runners-up in this Most Liked contest include Sarah Palin (31 percent positive coverage and 22 percent negative), Michele Bachmann (31 percent positive coverage and 23 percent negative), and Herman Cain (28 percent positive coverage and 23 percent negative). So, what is happening to our lamestream media? As with most things, it’s possible to explain the shift as result of the recession:

Or, as Pew’s director of analysis Tim Graham put it, “Reality intervened.” However, he added that he believes the press is still rooting for Obama, who is still frequently portrayed as “the sober and the serious one … trying to solve the problems. You are just not seeing the magazine covers of him looking like FDR anymore.”

Pew: Media not in love with Obama