Norman Mailer Managed to Be Involved in a Fight, Even After His Death


Norman Mailer’s former Brooklyn Heights home went up for sale in April. It’s a place filled with memories! You know, like the time he drunkenly stabbed his wife with a pen — just happy family moments, good vibes, good times. As you might expect of the very nice home of a writing legend in a lovely neighborhood, the place sold for a cool $2.08 million. But the buyer, one Wesley Golby, hedge-fund manager, apparently loved the house’s unusual layout, reports the Times. There is what amounts to a crow’s nest under the roof, with galleylike rooms all the way up. It sounds fairly cool!

But there was a snafu: The Mailer estate has been unable to prove that the home improvements were done in accordance with city code, and so Golby is asking to be released from his contract. He’s filing suit in Brooklyn for that purpose this week. The Mailer estate, for its part, said through a lawyer that this was simply a case of “buyer’s remorse.” Through the grave, Norman Mailer’s ghost added, “That unmanly coward.”

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True to Mailer’s Life, a Brawl Over the Sale of His Brooklyn Heights Apartment [NYT]