Not Asking for It: Scenes From SlutWalk NYC

Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev

Wall Streeters weren’t the only ones being protested in New York City over the weekend. In the vicinity of Union Square on Saturday, hundreds of women (and some men) took part in the first New York City SlutWalk, a protest against people who believe that women invite rape when they drink too much or dress provocatively. People such as Police Constable Michael Sanguinetti, who sparked the first SlutWalk in Toronto earlier this year when he remarked, not very delicately, that “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised.” On Saturday — amid a spree of unsolved sexual attacks in the Park Slope area — a sea of scantily clad women expressed just how much they don’t appreciate that kind of advice. Our own Konstantin Sergeyev was there to document it all.