Nudity Proponent Flashes Breasts in Court


Holly Van Voast is a pro at bringing attention to her cause, which just happens to be getting naked. Appearing in a Manhattan courtroom yesterday for having stripped down in Grand Central, Van Voast made her point again by removing a coat to reveal her naked breasts, much to the dismay of the judge and confusion of her 89-year-old lawyer, who was assigned the case that day. After a recess she said that “no one is brave enough” to join her movement, but begrudgingly admitted, “I understand that what I did in court was out of line.” The judge then agreed not to hold her in contempt and to dismiss the case if Van Voast goes six months without stepping out of line. But something tells us we’ll be seeing more of her.

In Court for Disrobing, and Doing It Again [NYT via Gawker]