NYPD’s Anthony Bologna Claims Pepper Spray Was Meant for Three Men on the Ground


The NYPD deputy who was seen far and wide on video firing pepper spray not once, but twice at nonviolent Occupy Wall Street protesters feels “tortured” by the incidents, but “would do things the same way,” according to sources who have spoken with him. DNA Info reports that Anthony Bologna said, “I did not intend to spray the women,” and has a different version of events than what the video appears to show. According to the officer, who sources say believes he “acted with the best intentions,” there were three men on the ground attempting to grab the legs of other cops from underneath the orange netting that had protesters corralled. That’s not what it looks like; maybe he just has really bad aim.

According to Bologna, his intended targets jumped up in the commotion and ran east. The second video of Bologna’s trigger-happy pepper-spraying is not accounted for, but did contribute to getting him relegated to desk duty.

Bologna was lightly punished, but according to sources, hopes to be “back on the street.” Maybe then he could track down the three mysterious hoodlums who nearly ruined his career.

For reference, here are the clips in question:

Pepper Spray Cop Anthony Bologna Feels ‘Tortured’ by Incident, Sources Say [DNA Info]