One of Anthony Weiner’s Sexting Pals Wrote a Tell-All Book


Traci Nobles, a 35-year-old “former cheerleading coach” who was thrust into the Weinergate scandal in June after her, uh, “roommate” went rogue and e-mailed Facebook chats to a newspaper behind her back, has written a tell-all book about her sextlationship (?) with former Congressman Anthony Weiner. The Daily Mail has the exclusive preview today. We’ve heard so much already though. How bad could it be?

In the exchanges he complained that spending time with his wife’s parents is ‘exhausting’ as ‘they are a bit backwards thinking’ ….

GAH! Oh god, that is bad. We really hope Huma Abedin doesn’t get Google Alerts for her own name.

Heartbreak for Huma as new messages reveal how Anthony Weiner called her parents ‘backwards thinking’ and compared her to his ‘sextees’ in vulgar messages [Daily Mail UK]