People Are Gettin’ It On at Occupy Wall Street

Photo: Scott Eells/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The last frontier of Occupy Wall Street coverage has been crossed. We are now getting reports on how, logistically, people are getting laid at the protests — where one anonymous donor gifted "hundreds" of condoms. From the Journal:

For those finding love — or something like it — amid the occupation, intimacy in the open air requires both tactical expertise and a loose take on modesty.

Soleil Laboy, 20, and her boyfriend have relied on a tarp for privacy and a yoga mat for comfort during their two-week stay in Zuccotti Park. But the couple has kept most of their clothes on.

“It was too cold to be naked,” she said.

Her boyfriend, Nelson Gubing, admitted that their attempts at discretion hadn’t always worked. ”Apparently, a bunch of people saw us” during one romantic encounter, he said.

The pair carried on undeterred.

Enthusiasm also seems to be an acceptable substitute for "tactical expertise." Meet young Brandon Watts, occupier.

I drank six Four Lokos with Core, a beer or two. And then we ordered an iced mocha and two chicken fingers and large fries. I lost my virginity today. I was amped for it.

Whatever the ultimate political outcome, no one can say nothing important was accomplished at Zuccotti Park this fall.

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