People in Connecticut Care a Lot About Parking Spots


Metro North parking spots are scarce, and so, naturally, the good people of Connecticut have turned the possession of one into a status symbol, reports the WSJ.

Dominic Depiano is one of the have-nots. The Fairfield-to-New York City commuter has been on a waiting list for a $340 permit for six years and rushes every morning at 6:30 a.m. to a nearby Knights of Columbus, where he can get a spot for a $4 donation.

Probably goes home to a dinner of gruel, too.

There have been attempts to fix the supply-demand imbalance, but they haven’t gotten terribly far. For instance, there was a short-lived Commuter Rail Parking Task Force. “It went nowhere,” said the head of the Connecticut Rail Commuter Council. “It was like the war at Vietnam.”

Just like it.

Where Spots Are Hot [WSJ]