President Obama Won’t Say If He’ll Stop Pretending to Oppose Gay Marriage Before the Election


Nearly a year ago, President Obama told a blogger that his views on gay marriage — Obama ostensibly supports civil unions — were evolving, and ever since, he’s been asked periodically whether that evolution is yet complete. Earlier today George Stephanopoulos tried again, and Obama told him, again, that he wasn’t ready to “make news right now.”

Then Stephanopoulos asked Obama whether he would finish “evolving” before the 2012 election. If Stephanopoulos believed that Obama was actually wrestling with the issue, this would be a bizarre question to ask, since Obama’s change of heart wouldn’t have a timeline (if it occurs at all). By asking it, then, Stephanopoulos was dropping all pretense that Obama’s ongoing “evolution” is sincere. But maybe tweaking the question would trick Obama into betraying his intentions? Nope. “I’m still working on it,” Obama told him.

Obama: ‘Still Working’ on Gay Marriage [Yahoo News]