Protesters Now Have a Professional Chef, Organic Ingredients

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Dinner at Zuccotti Park is getting better by the day with a system in place that includes a practiced chef, organic produce, and a large preparation space courtesy of an East New York soup kitchen. Eric Smith, a former chef at a midtown hotel, was laid off last year and is now cooking for more than 1,000 people every night as a volunteer. The Post reports, with class-warfare exaggeration:

So last night, for example, while your family of four may have been forced to resort to Hamburger Helper, thanks to Smith's culinary magic, hordes of Occupy Wall Street protesters instead feasted on organic chicken, spaghetti Bolognese, roasted beet and sheep’s milk-cheese salad and wild heirloom potatoes.

Another night it was "salmon cakes with dill sauce and some quinoa salad and a wonderful tomato salad with fennel and red onion," with many of the ingredients donated by small organic farms upstate. No word on dessert, but we'll just assume: cake.

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