Queens Woman Who Killed Husband Is Now Describing His Tranny Habit in Detail


Barbara Sheehan convinced a jury earlier this month that the killing of her abusive husband, whom she shot eleven times in 2008, was self-defense, and now, because we’re in America, she’s telling all about his sexual proclivities. The couple hadn’t had any relations in ten years, she says in a new interview, but not because he was having typical affairs, exactly. “I think it was more prostitution kind of stuff which happened randomly with different people, which as far as I was concerned is why the sex stopped in my life,” Sheehan said. “He would meet up with young people and he would dress like a woman, they would dress like a woman.” By “they,” she means men.

Sheehan goes on to describe ex-cop Raymond Sheehan’s infantilism fetish: “He was into that, diapers, acting like a baby, or having someone else act like a baby,” she said. Her lawyers had previously said that Raymond’s “self-loathing” and “Irish sense of guilt” over visiting “she-males” fueled his violence toward his wife.

Sheehan was convicted of felony weapons possession and will be sentenced on November 10. After that, she plans to become a social worker and mentor women on Rikers Island. She hasn’t mentioned a book deal yet, but we get the idea.

Qns. woman acquitted of killing hubby says he visited tranny hookers [NYP]