Ray Kelly Spells Out Existence of NYPD Quotas in Memo


It’s an open secret that the New York Police Department has a quota system (despite a bill that made the practice illegal last year), as pointed out by whistle-blowers and crooked cops. The department brass has always bristled at the word “quota,” while at the same time insisting, “It’s absurd to think that managers can’t establish goals that require minimum productivity. To suggest otherwise would mean no recourse but to let slackers do nothing.” But the need for demands is explained more thoroughly in a new memo from Commissioner Ray Kelly, and the system of tracking performance means a lot more paperwork for officers.

A recent five-page memo obtained by the Village Voice says that a daily report will be required to track the “activity” of every officer on the force. “Department managers can and must set performance goals,” the order says, underlines and all. Each cop has to carry around their “Police Officer’s Monthly Conditions Impact Measurement Report,” and is required to show it to any supervisor that asks. Oh, and one more thing: The report “must be neatly folded as to minimize any tears.”

Ray Kelly Puts NYPD Quota Demands in Writing; Rank And File Not Happy [Runnin Scared/VV]