Red State Blog Dredges Up N-ggerhead Writer’s Old Parking Tickets in Order to Prove, Uh, Something


Classy move over at popular conservative blog Red State, where they’ve been fuming over the Washington Post’ s story about the Perry family’s hunting camp. In a front-page posting today, a dude named Mike Robinson delves into the “criminal history” of Stephanie McCrummen, the staff writer who penned the Post exposé. What he found: McCrummen has been convicted of three traffic violations and a bounced check.

I’ve written a lot of nasty things about Rick Perry these past few months, so for all I know, I could be next on Red State’s intimidation list. So allow me to beat them to the punch: In kindergarten, I was found guilty of throwing a ball in class. I was given a time-out and forced to trace the numbers from 1 to 100 as penance.

There. Now everyone knows. I will not be silenced.

Washington Post Staff Writer Who Wrote Rick Perry Attack Piece Has Criminal Past [Red State]