Rupert Murdoch Attempts to Soothe Investors at Annual Meeting


At today’s News Corp. shareholders meeting, the first since the summer’s phone-hacking information avalanche, Rupert Murdoch put on his solemn face and told investors, “We must admit to and confront our mistakes,” adding that the company has been the target of both “understandable scrutiny and unfair attack.” British politician Tom Watson, who has led his government’s investigation into the surreptitious reporting tricks, used his speaking time to reveal additional allegations of journalistic wrongdoing. Watson, for instance, asked Murdoch whether he knew anything about an ex-con hired by News Corp. to hack an army intelligence officer’s computer. Murdoch promised he’d look into it. “We will put this right,” Murdoch said, banging a fist on the table. Outside, one protester’s sign read, “Fire the Murdoch Mafia.” Although some investors have raised their voices, it’s just not going to happen.

British lawmaker grills News. Corp CEO at event [AP]
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