Sarah Jessica Parker Swears She Didn’t Visit All Those Apartments


For years, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s epic search for a new Manhattan home has been breathlessly reported in the region’s media, with each visit to a whoppingly priced property dutifully detailed.

Does this semi-stalking annoy the celebrity couple? “It bothers her!” Parker said, pointing at her nearby publicist, while nibbling a mac ‘n’ cheese hors d’oeuvre at the Friends In Deed gala on Monday. “And the funny thing about it is that they never believe her that, in fact, we haven’t moved and often, we haven’t even seen the property that they’re talking about.”

Wait, really? They’re just making it up, out of thin air? “Usually they’ve never even been to the apartment,” the publicist concurs. “It’s like real estate people are trying to drive up the price of these apartments.” Parker adds that the reports “have a very poor record of accuracy. I would say they are maybe 6 percent accurate.”

As for the East 10th Street house the couple reportedly bought earlier this year, SJP declined to confirm whether this time, the rumors are legitimate. “We’ll see,” she shrugged. “Who knows. We’re very, very bad with change. We’ll see.”