World’s Symbolic ‘7 Billionth Baby’ Wasn’t Even Born on the Right Day


The planet’s 7 billionth human was supposedly born today, and to mark the occasion, the United Nations has picked some random newborns from around the world as symbolic “7 billionth babies.” As the Guardian reports, one of those babies was Danica May Camacho of the Philippines:

She looks so lovely,” her mother, Camille Dalura, whispered softly as she cradled her tiny newborn.

I can’t believe she is the world’s seven billionth.”

Danica’s name means morning star. She is a second child for Camille Dalura and Florante Camacho.

Since approximately 250 people are born every single minute, it had to have been pretty difficult for the U.N. to choose which ones would receive such an honor. Danica must be one lucky baby to have been singled out from all the other babies born on “Seven Billion Day.”

That’s right, Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segal: Danica Camacho, one of the U.N.’s symbolic “7 billionth babies,” wasn’t even born on the day marking the 7 billionth baby. Over 350,000 people will enter the world today, and the U.N. chose one born on Sunday. Rick Perry is right, we do need to defund the U.N. That place is corrupt to the core.

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