Shady Millionaire Seems Quite Calm About $300,000 Home Invasion


To get an idea of what kind of guy George Bardwil is, it’s important to know that in 2009 he pleaded guilty to beating his maid with a metal ashtray and was sentenced to three years probation. In the course of that investigation he lost his $187,000 belt buckle. Back in the news today, Bardwil says that, on Monday afternoon, he was tied up and robbed of $300,000 worth of jewelry and cash at his 51st Street apartment by two thieves who were expertly prepared. Bardwil claims the men knew where his bedroom and security cameras were, and that they might’ve been tipped off by someone who attended one of his crazy parties, in which he’d “invite 10 people, and there’d be 100. And they’d go on for two days,” he told the Post. But he’s not stressing about the robbery: “My life is what matters. Jewelry and that stuff, it’s trinkets,” he said, adding: “I make 10 times that in one month.” Then again, “If it had been $5 [million] or $6 million of jewelry, I’d be upset.” God forbid, right?

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