The Times Wants Lisa Belkin to Stop Using Its Ideas

Belkin. Photo: Matt Carasella/PMc

Lisa Belkin, formerly the New York Times' popular Motherlode blogger, recently became the latest in a series of high-profile defections from the paper to the Huffington Post. She's doing essentially the same thing there, and so HuffPo and Belkin seem to have decided that the best way to both nod to and ignore the change in location was to rename the blog the slightly more gender-neutral Parentlode. The New York Times isn't happy about that continuity (or maybe HuffPo's recent raids on their talent); it sent a cease-and-desist letter to HuffPo, and filed for a trademark on the name Motherlode, reports WWD:

“While we are flattered by your focus on our blog and your apparent fondness for its name, we obviously cannot permit you to adopt a name whose sole purpose is to create an association in the minds of readers with our ‘Motherlode’ blog."

It's tough for parents to watch their offspring go off into the world without them — so full of their DNA, and yet not theirs, totally, anymore.

Huffington Post Launches Parentlode Blog [WWD]