Undercover N.J. Cops Are Having Too Much Fun


The vice squad in Newark is getting some additional rules and training after a massage parlor sting went all kinds of wrong (or way too right). According to a police report, an undercover officer was asked by a young woman if he wanted a “full massage,” and then played the part of a john too convincingly, grabbing at the woman and touching himself until she was arrested on prostitution charges. (He declined her more aggressive sexual advances, telling her he was “new to this.”) “There is no department protocol in place for what to do in an undercover vice operation. And that’s what we’re going to change,” said Police Director Samual DeMaio. “Looking at it, certainly, there’s no bad intentions here on [the officer’s] part. I just don’t think he was prepped properly.” But it sounds like he knew exactly what he was doing.

Undercover Newark officer’s contact with alleged prostitute forces review [Star-Ledger via Gothamist]