Vogue Loves Rachel Sterne, the City’s “Head Nerd”


That’s fashion-speak for “chief digital officer”: This month’s Vogue profiles Rachel Sterne, Mayor Bloomberg’s high-profile, stylish, 28-year-old appointee to the recently created position. Sterne is photographed in Dries Van Noten — one of the more intellectual designers, in case the “head nerd” designation wasn’t quite enough to mark her as smart. (The issue is on newsstands, but — irony alert! — the article is not yet available digitally.)

As Intel (emeritus) Nitasha points out in BetaBeat, Anna Wintour seems to have taken a shine to the ladies of the West Coast tech scene over the past few years, but this is the first time she’s trained her eyes on the emerging scene close to home. Writer Adam Greene quotes some genuine Internet Personalities ™, including Caroline McCarthy and Rachel Sklar, who says of Sterne, “She’s a lady. … She’s kind of our Kate Middleton.” Except, of course, she’s willing to pose in Vogue.

Rachel Sterne Gets the Vogue Treatment as the ‘Kate Middleton’ of New York Tech [BetaBeat]
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