Watch Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin Play a Friendly Game of Badminton


For some reason, the Russian prime minister joins the Russian president in a pro-badminton infomercial posted yesterday on the official Kremlin blog. “I hope that, having watched this film, you will feel an increased desire to play badminton, and we will have more success in this wonderful game,” Dmitry Medvedev tells the camera in the clip’s introduction, according to a translation. He insists, “Those who play badminton well, make decisions quickly,” and notes that “only a few people can play for real.” We know by the serious music in the video that Medvedev and his partner, Vladimir Putin, are totally for real. (We’re also going to go ahead and request that President Obama and Joe Biden get a squash video on that Tumblr as soon as possible.)

Here’s the good part:

Is Time For Soviet Badminton With Putin And Medvedev [Deadspin]