George Soros Just Can’t Be Tied Down


The $50 million lawsuit filed against 81-year-old financier George Soros by his much younger Brazilian ex-girlfriend alleges that he choked her, hit her with a lamp, and promised to buy her an apartment only to put another woman in it instead. But the billionaire contends that she simply misread the signs of their “on-again, off-again, and non-exclusive intimate relationship.” In a motion to have the suit dismissed, Soros’s lawyer claims that the soap opera actress Adriana Ferreyr is trying to “extort” millions in a “continued quest to cash in on their casual relationship.” It just wasn’t like that, baby. The apartment claim, the defense says, is “patently preposterous”; Ferreyr just “may have been disappointed that Soros moved onto other women, ending her hopes of living in an extravagant ‘dream apartment’ for free.” The woman’s lawyer calls the statement to dismiss “chauvinistic and simplistic” (guilty), while the other side gets even more thesaurus use, dubbing the allegations “odious and utterly baseless.” And as for that flying lamp? It simply “fell on [Ferreyr’s] right foot,” Soros says.

Soros rips ex’s ‘extort’ try [Page Six/NYP]