High Schooler Won’t Say Sorry to Kansas Governor

Senator Sam Brownback. Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty

Bear with us here, because this is especially absurd: Eighteen-year-old Emma Sullivan is (very sanely) denying her high school's request to compose an apology letter to Kansas governor Sam Brownback for writing on the Internet that he "sucked." At a Youth in Government program she took part in last week, Sullivan, who is not a fan of Brownback's politics, tweeted during his speech, "Just made mean comments at gov. brownback and told him he sucked, in person #heblowsalot." 

She was joking around about verbally addressing Brownback, but the governor's office, which tracks his name on social media platforms, reached out to the Youth in Government program, presumably so that they'd give Sullivan a stern talking-to. The girl's high school acquiesced, requesting she write a letter of apology to Brownback and turn it in to the school. Yes, you're reading this correctly: A U.S. governor is going after a politically engaged high school student for tweeting something uncomplimentary about him. Refreshingly, Sullivan says she would "do it again." Go follow her on Twitter.