Julian Assange Will Be Saying Good-bye to England


Julian Assange is headed back to Sweden. The WikiLeaker-in-chief lost a court battle to stay in England, where he’s been staying under house arrest to avoid the sexual-assault charges that face him in Sweden. Now he’ll be extradited and pulled in for questioning.

Assange, who was living at the country manor of British journalist Vaughan Smith, might still be able to appeal — the court will hold a hearing later this month to determine whether that’s on the table — but it looks unlikely. The presiding judges this time around roundly rejected all of Assange’s arguments (especially on the question of whether one of the women involved consented to sex) to the point of being “scathing,” says CNN. Swedish authorities don’t show any indication they’ll be any easier on Assange, and so the WikiLeaker has what might probably be a protracted (and certainly high-profile) court battle ahead of him.

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