The Many Hairstyles of Mitt Romney

Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

It’s already been a campaign season full of unexpected surprises and twisting narratives. Rick Perry’s meteoric rise and fall, Herman Cain’s bevy of accusers, and, just lately, the shocking revelation that sometimes Mitt Romney cuts his own hair. This weekend, the Times published a deep-dive interview with Leon de Magistris, the architect behind Romney’s signature hair helmet, or “The Mitt,” as other salon customers ask for the look by name. “He wants a look that is very controlled,” de Magistris told the paper. “He is a very controlled man. The hair goes with the man.” De Magistris claims Romney is resistant to his suggestions to try a more tousled look; after all, he’s been wearing a version of that cut for years (some might even say he came out of the womb wearing the same hairstyle), but with all due respect to you, Mr. de Magistris, we at Intel must disagree with your assessment of Romney’s coif as boringly consistent. Follow us on a journey through Mitt’s many hairstyles, as numerous and compelling as the hairs on his head.