Mayor Bloomberg Gave Out Lame Candy This Year


Michael Bloomberg has a certain reputation among the children of the Upper East Side: The guy gives out full-size candy bars on Halloween. (How else to spend that fortune?) But this year, things were different. Things were fun-size at the East 79th Street townhouse — and they ran out of even that lesser stash before 7:30 p.m. last night. One father–son duo got to see the mayor, though, who was on the way out with his girlfriend. (Not handing out candy himself. Please.) The real treat! Or not:

“It’s definitely the closest I’ve ever been to him,” Robert Green said.

His son, Logan, said he thought the mayor looked old.

Tough crowd. Should have splurged for the king-size.

Seeking A Billionaire’s Halloween Treats [NYT/City Room]