Mexico Finds Floating Marijuana, Anonymous Fights Drug Lords [Updated]


The Mexican Navy went bobbing for marijuana in the Pacific Ocean this week and retrieved over two tons in 178 packages, a full 24 miles east of port. The Navy “does not speculate on the origin of the packages,” but given the drug war’s recent escalation, we’re guessing the seafaring weed was not the product of a bachelor party gone awry.

In another interesting Mexican drug war development, the shadowy online collective Anonymous has entered the fray, declaring all-out war on the infamous Zetas gang after the cartel allegedly kidnapped one of their hackers in Veracruz. In a YouTube video, Anonymous said it would release information about “police officers, journalists, taxi drivers and others working with the Zetas” if the missing member is not released by Friday. While some hacktivists aren’t so sure that’s a good idea, others have already broken into the website of a local Mexican politician, branding it with “Es Zeta” — “He is a Zeta.” Still, some say the kidnapping that supposedly motivated the fight never even happened.

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