Occupy Wall Street Has a Real Office Now

Photo: #OWS twitter

After yesterday’s eviction from staying full-time in Zuccotti Park, Occupy Wall Street is going in the exact opposite direction of an increasingly dirty tent city: cubicles. The group started tweeting this afternoon about what it’s calling the #OccupiedOffice, which other than some revolutionary art, looks as dull as any other, complete with blue recycle bins, a whiteboard, and scattered paperwork.

No word from the occupiers on whether the plan was put into action before they lost Zuccotti, but we’ve reached out to the group for clarifications about locale and rent prices. (In true spirit, they’d be squatting, but they certainly have the money.) Previously, team leaders that needed the indoors often gathered in the atrium of a skyscraper at 60 Wall Street that houses Deutsche Bank, but here they can do the decorating, at least. They’re probably still stealing Wi-Fi.