One of Herman Cain’s Sexual-Harassment Accusers Wants to Talk [Updated]


One of Herman Cain’s accusers wants to speak out about the recently unearthed sexual-harassment lawsuit brought against him in the late nineties that reportedly led to $35,000 in severance pay — a full year’s salary. The only problem is — she can’t, per the confidentiality agreement she signed. Nevertheless, the woman’s attorney, Joel Bennett, has called upon the National Restaurant Association, where she worked with Cain in the nineties and where the sexual harassment allegedly took place, to release her from her promise to not talk about the allegations or disparage the group. It almost certainly will not.

Still, the size of the settlement doesn’t exactly bode well for Cain’s claims that there was no merit to the charges against him — it’s an awfully large payout for a supposedly trumped-up case. And it doesn’t help him, either, that the woman’s former co-workers have begun talking to reporters, says the Times, about her high level of discomfort working under Cain. According to those sources, the Cain situation wasn’t the only factor in her unusually large severance package, but the encounter — which took place at a boozy work event — “had added an emotional charge and contributed to the size of her payment.” The other woman, who hasn’t stepped forward, had a smaller settlement package, and never filed a lawsuit.

Cain Accuser Got a Year’s Salary in Severance Pay [NYT]