Rick Perry Says President Obama Grew Up ‘Privileged’

Photo: Scott Olson/2011 Getty Images

Even though President Obama never called Americans lazy, Rick Perry believes he has a pretty good explanation for why Obama thinks Americans are lazy. As he explained to Sean Hannity last night:

"He grew up in a privileged way," Perry said. "He never had to really work for anything, he never had to go through what Americans are going through," Perry said, theorizing that Obama's upbringing is what distances him Americans. "This president has never felt that angst that they felt in their heart."

Obama may not have had as hardscrabble an upbringing as Perry — who grew up in a cabin with no running water, like Abraham Lincoln 150 years before — but privileged? If being abandoned by your father, raised largely by your grandparents, and relying at times on food stamps is privileged, then we guess Obama was privileged.