Ron Paul Thrashes Gingrich in Campaign Ad


Often overlooked and well behind the GOP presidential candidate pack, Ron Paul’s campaign released an intense two-and-a-half minute video calling Newt Gingrich a serial hypocrite. That’s actually the title of the ad: “Newt Gingrich: Serial Hypocrisy.”

With black-and-white images and a soundtrack fit for a war epic, the ad highlights many of Gingrich’s greatest flip-flops and points to Newt’s lucrative relationship with Freddie Mac. One of the big shots on Gingrich’s revolving positions concerns his previous support for climate change, with footage from an ad where Gingrich appeared with former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, agreeing to “take action to address climate change.” The ad also stabbed at Newt’s previous backing for an individual health-care mandate — a position that, by the way, Mitt Romney is now also getting hammered for abandoning.