Watch Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Get Drowned Out by the People’s Mike


In lieu of bullhorns, the demonstrators down at Occupy Wall Street quickly adapted to using a “human microphone” method of communicating to large groups, in which one speaker’s words are repeated back loudly (REPEATED BACK LOUDLY!) by a group so everyone can hear. Nicknamed the “people’s mike”, it has proven pretty entertaining, but it’s also highly effective for interrupting, say, an anti-union politician from the Midwest. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was giving a speech at Chicago’s Union League Club yesterday when a group of “covert protesters” in suits from Stand Up! Chicago and the local Occupy contingent started shouting over him, ending with the chant, “Union busting is disgusting.” At least on video, the governor becomes very hard to hear.

Gov. Scott Walker gets checked, Mic Checked! [YouTube via @havethehabit/Twitter]