Computer Nerd Beats Apartment Thief


A local IT guy gets some tabloid admiration today for outsmarting "a brazen burglar at his Manhattan pad — all while sitting at his work desk six blocks away." When the thief climbed in through a fourth-floor window, he had no idea that our hero, Levent Cetiner, had rigged a motion-censor camera that would instantly e-mail photos to him when activated. Cetiner saw the break-in and called the cops before rushing home. "You’re being recorded, and the police are on the way!" Cetiner yelled at the crook through his own dead-bolted door. The lo-fi thief stuffed the camera under the bed and ran, but police caught him in the courtyard. The victor said the whole setup only cost him about $50, but a bar story like that — and the article to prove it — is priceless.