Is Google Gunning for Firefox?


Google’s Chrome browser has been remarkably successful, unlike several of Google’s other recent product launches (cough, cough, Buzz, cough), and has already captured 18 percent of the browser market, while Mozilla’s Firefox has dropped from 25 percent to 22 percent. (Trivia: Which browser still controls over half the market? No idea? It’s Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. No joke.) But Google may be moving to expedite Chrome’s dominance over its open-source competition, according to Business Insider. Turns out well over 80 percent of Mozilla’s revenues come from that little Google search bar in the top right — which does come in very, very handy — but the search deal expired last month and doesn’t seem to have been renewed yet. But it’s not just a browser war that’s raging out there. In other web-shattering news, an $11 billion French IT company is giving up internal e-mail entirely, switching to Facebook and instant messaging.