Meet Yet Another of the Foer Men

Jonathan Safran Foer.
The most famous of the famous Foers. Photo: Ulf Andersen/Getty Images

Until today, you were probably only seethingly jealous of the Foer brothers if you happened to be a young Jewish male with literary ambitions. Want to be an esteemed magazine editor? Franklin Foer had already done that. Want to write a roundly praised, best-selling non-fiction book for which you receive a $1.2 million advance before your 25th birthday? His little brother Joshua has that one down. Oh, you like writing fiction and maybe want to make some money doing it? Try topping Jonathan.

But now, there’s a Foer for your boring old dad to envy! Meet their father, Albert, an esteemed 67-year-old lawyer who heads up the American Antitrust Institute, and was profiled in the New York Times’ Dealbook today for his “lifelong passion for fighting monopolies.” Send your dad the clipping, buy him a bottle of his favorite bourbon, and let mutual career envy bring you closer together this holiday season.