New Iowa Leaflet: ‘Attention Christians! Newt Gingrich Is Pro-Abortion!’

They're gunnin' for ya, Newt. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)
They're gunnin' for ya, Newt. (Alex Wong/Getty Images) Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

The leaflet, found by Slate's David Weigel on the windshield of his rental car in Sioux City yesterday, lambasts Gingrich for once saying he would campaign for Republicans who were to his left, at a time when the partial birth abortion ban was being tabled — which apparently is the same thing as saying he favored partial birth abortions, according to Rescue the Perishing, a rather literary-sounding Iowa anti-abortion ministry. A similar point was also made by Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann during Thursday's debate, a statement that PolitiFact deemed "mostly true." After quoting from several news sources to make its case, the leaflet ends with this enjoyably non sequitur–filled kicker.

Call Newt's Iowa office and tell them to have Newt repent and humble himself for his support of murdering babies. ... (Then there is his abuse of his two ex-wives. He's self-absorbed.)

Perhaps the bigger surprise was what Weigel found on the back of the pamphlet: an anti-abortion tirade aimed at none other than abortion- and gay marriage-obsessed Rick Santorum.