Newt Gingrich Goes Positive in First Iowa Ad


With the Iowa caucuses just a month away, still-surging GOP front-runner Newt Gingrich needs all the things a real candidate does, including a campaign staff and television ad buys. The commercials will start Monday in Iowa, where the campaign has spent $250,000 on airtime for its hopeful new spot, “Is The America We Love A Thing Of the Past? Newt Says No.” What Newt doesn’t say: the names Cain, Romney, or Obama.

Instead, the commercial is focused on amber waves of grain, American flags, and swelling string instruments. “Some people say the America we know and love is a thing of the past,” Gingrich tells the camera. “I don’t believe that, because working together I know we can rebuild America.” He promises to “revive our economy and create jobs, shrink government and the regulations that strangle our businesses, throw out the tax code and replace it with one that is simple and fair.” Pay extra-close attention for a special cameo from the Marlboro Man.