Nobody Wants to Air Reality Show About Sarah Whatsherface

Okay, how about 50 bucks?Photo: Roberto Gonzalez/2011 Getty Images

There was a time, not so long ago, when every utterance of Sarah Palin was widely reported, scrutinized, and, in the case of this blog, viciously mocked. That strange period of American history ended earlier this year, after it became clear that Palin wouldn't run for president, and therefore was no longer relevant to anything or anyone. Yet according to The Hollywood Reporter, Palin hasn't yet received the memo, the one about being irrelevant now. She recently pitched a show about husband Todd's snowmobiling adventures to TLC and A&E for around $1 million an episode — the same pay she received a year ago for Sarah Palin's Alaska — only to be rejected by both. Palin can still make a fine living crapping out books and speeches, but those big paydays are probably over. We just hope Palin is a better investor than your average NBA player.