Over 50 Occupy Wall Street Protesters Arrested in Yesterday’s Action

Police officers try to hold back an OWS crowd in Duarte Square. (Michael Bocchieri/Getty Images) Photo: Michael Bocchieri/2011 Getty Images

Yesterday saw the first real show of force from Occupy Wall Street since police cleared them from the symbolic home of the movement, Zuccotti Park, nearly a month ago. Hundreds of protesters descended on Duarte Square, hoping to take over a large gravel-lot-slash-park owned by faltering ally Trinity Wall Street Church, and attempted to alternatively topple (see picture) and scale the chain-link fence surrounding the square. “Everything about this movement is momentum,” one 27-year-old demonstrator told the Times. “We need to show people that we are still relevant.” The protests may have failed to secure a new beachhead, but at least they are back in the headlines, with nearly 50 people arrested on the spot and several more rounded up during a small and heavily policed march up Seventh Avenue to Times Square.