Rick Perry’s Sausage Fixation: The Early Years


In light of the outcry over Rick Perry’s desperate, out-of-nowhere anti-gay ad, filmed while wearing the Brokeback Mountain jacket, it’s worth noting that Perry seems to have a longtime fixation with homoerotic meat products. Possibly this is not a subconscious reference to man-love, but rather to Upton Sinclair’s slaughterhouse exposé The Jungle, itself a metaphor for capitalism, or else to the old line about watching the political sausage get made. Indeed, it turns out the small business touted in the ad is owned by Danny Janecka, a top Perry donor who has plied the governor with cash and private jet rides. In other words, a real sausage-fest.

How do videos like this end up on the Internet? Check back with nymag.com for an upcoming profile on Andrew Kaczynski, a 22-year-old who trolls C-Span’s archives and old political ads for embarrassing moments like the one above.