Romney ‘Responds’ to the Progressive Video

19 Oct 2001:  Salt Lake City's Olympic Committee President and Cheif Executive Officer Mitt Romney poses for a head shot during the United States Olympic Committee Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah.Mandatory Credit: Matthew Stockman  /Allsport
I know you are but what is... wait, how does this go? Photo: Matthew Stockman

In response to a video showing Mitt Romney describing his views as “progressive,” Romney spokesperson Andrea Saul replies: >

The very last thing the Democrats want to do is run against Mitt Romney. That is why they are focused on his campaign and not on the economy. The Democrats are continuing their campaign of deception in their strategy to ‘kill Romney.’ If anyone has a question of how Mitt Romney will govern as president, take a look at his record of creating jobs, cutting spending, and protecting the sanctity of life and traditional marriage. That was his record as Governor and that will be his record as president.

Obviously, official statements of presidential spokespersons are judged by a low intellectual standard. Even so, this is extraordinarily weak. The video didn’t come from the Democrats. It came from Andrew Kaczynski, a self-described moderate Republican who was the recent subject of a Jason Zengerle mini-profile. You’re ad hominem-ing the wrong guy.

In response to a video showing Mitt Romney describing his views as “progressive,” Romney spokesperson Andrea Saul replies: >

Even if it was the case that Democrats had produced the video, which it isn’t, it’s funny that Saul is citing their fear of facing Romney in this context. Your ad hominem response is supposed to at least vaguely refute the general theme of the attack, but this one reinforces it. Romney may not be the last candidate Democrats want to run against – that would be Jon Huntsman – but he is certainly more electable than the plausible alternatives. Why is that? Because he shamelessly molds himself into the incarnation of centrist opinion in whatever electorate he happens to find himself, at any given moment. If the much-feared Sharia takeover of the United States actually occurs, Romney will be running for president on a platform of stoning adulterers and nuking Israel, indignantly throwing down $10,000 dares at any rival who questions his commitment to the establishment of a worldwide caliphate.

Democrats fear Romney precisely because his history suggests he will try to escape the GOP primary with minimal ideological commitment and then run to the center, and that his progressive record in Massachusetts will help him appeal to moderates. Obviously they would rather run against a Republican who’s more heavily encumbered by actual beliefs. For the same reason, Romney is the one Republican (also save Huntsman) they’d most want to be president.